January 2016

The Duel – Short Film

This is not a joke. It is finally finished. Granted, we got lazy with a few things… but we just wanted to see it done. And now, finally, it is complete. I look at it now and see so many things I could do better, but really can’t be bothered and just want to move on to the next thing.

So on that note, please enjoy and I sincerely hope it was worth the wait (doubtful).

Fire Whip

The Duel – Final Stretch

Posted on January 6, 2016

Yes, you heard me right. It’s nearly done. Now before you get too excited, keep in mind it’s been “nearly done” for a long time now. However, this time it’s actually really close. There is a small amount of VFX work left (one spell effect and some environment lighting), and then it’s just about finishing the sound effects and music.

I hope it will be done this month. That is definitely possible. Whether it happens or not, we’ll see. But I’m going to try. It’s been over two years working on this thing and I just want it finished. Judging from this blog post though, I seem to be procrastinating by talking about it, rather than just doing it.

Also after all the hooplah with the new Star Wars movie, we’re in the mood to make a (hopefully less VFX-heavy) short film with lightsabers and lasers and pew pew pew! Hopefully that will motivate us to get this one done as quickly as possible, though it will likely be a little while before we get the next short done (let alone started). It will probably also be a more expensive endeavour, but could be really cool.

Drone Aerial Shot

New Toys!

Posted on January 5, 2016

Christmas brings many great things – family, food, frivolity. But perhaps the most anticipated part of the day is the long-awaited opening of the presents. This is true unless you end up buying yourself some presents. Then you get to know their identities immediately and also get the added benefit of playing with them early!

So on that note, as a pre-Christmas gift to myself, I acquired a new hitty-with-sticks-sound-maker! Because it’s such a well-crafted, pristine and aesthetically pleasing piece of musical artistry, I decided to only take photos of it using my less-than-worthy phone camera. But regardless, here it is:

Also as a half-present-to-me-half-present-from-me, I got a flying toy! This one has a camera on it, which allows me to take sweet videos and photos from the sky! Again, such a highly sophisticated and delicately crafted piece of engineering begs to be photographed poorly from a phone camera for your viewing pleasure:

I swear I will only use it to fight crime.

I swear I will only use it to fight crime.

A still frame from a test video I took of my house can be seen at the top of this post (though you’ve likely already seen it). I also think it’s worth mentioning that I used a lot of hyphenated words/phrases in this post and I think I may have gone overboard with it…