Day 11 – Fangorn Forest & Mavora Lakes

Of course you are, and I’m coming with you!

A bunch of different locations today, but at least they were all relatively close to each other. It was a decent drive out to the middle of nowhere initially though. The road became another dusty path and we drove past fields, forests, lakes and mountains to reach our first destination which was used for a few scenes, on the outskirts of Fangorn Forest.

Of course there was also a convincing reenactment (wind warning).

A short drive down the road led us to this nice photo spot.

Then a really cool river location with stunning views.

Further along the river and we reached the area seen at the end of Fellowship, which was just another all-round lovely place.

After a quick duck onto the nearby forest to spy out where Frodo and the hobbits hid from the Uruk-Hai, we grabbed our picnic lunches and ate on the shores of the river.

Then it was the long drive back towards Queenstown, with a couple of customary stops on the way, including a honey tasting. Finally arriving in Queenstown, we settled into our hotel (the final one for our trip).

Tomorrow we have a super late start! Yay! I will have a nice sleep-in, and then maybe wander around before our noon meeting to go to Arrowtown.