Day 3 – Road to Wellington

I think we should get off the road…

Another early start, quick buffet breakfast and off to our first location – the entrance to Erebor. The wind was extremely strong up there, and would push you off balance. That also meant it was very cold, so we didn’t stay too long.

Then a short distance to Gollum’s fishing pool and the subsequent waterfall.

And of course, there were some reenactments.

And then some final photos of the waterfall from a different vantage point.

Then back onto the coach for a solid drive (while watching Fellowship extended edition) to our lunch stop.

We ate at a nice cafe, which also had animals you could feed, including rabbits, pigs, donkeys and alpacas. They were pretty chill.

After lunch, we headed off again to our next location (a shortcut to mushrooms). Of course, another reenactment of that pivotal scene featured in The Death Eater and the Four Tourists.

A bit further down for one last one.

It took a while for everyone to take their photos here, as it was a small area and had some tricky, uneven footing. But eventually we headed back to the coach just as it started to rain.

Our final destination was now Wellington, where we’ll be staying for the next 3 days. Before going to the hotel though, we drove up the mountain to a 360 degree lookout they have over the city.

Finally the day wound down to an end, as we drove to our hotel in the city and settled into our rooms. I decided to eat sooner, rather than later when I couldn’t be bothered going out again, so I looked for nearby restaurants and found a well-reviewed Vietnamese place just down the road. One bowl of delicious Pho later and I am back in time to process photos, write this blog and get a good night’s sleep for once (and a bit of a sleep-in tomorrow!).

Tomorrow we go to Weta Workshop to spend all of our savings. Wish me luck.