Day 7 – Bordeaux

Posted on July 3, 2017

Let the wine of friendship never run dry.

We spent today being showed around the local area, driving down the winding roads, through the beautiful country landscape. We were mostly surrounded by huge vineyards, which stretched into the distance.

We also drove through a few small villages, and stopped at various churches and other old buildings to look around.

There was a large, old mansion we stopped into as well, which was actually Marie Christine’s old childhood summer house. The current owner was a sweet old lady who invited us in to look around and have a drink outside.

After spending the afternoon driving around, we headed back home to relax and rest a bit, before having dinner.

Everything is a lot slower paced here. You have more time to relax, space to breathe and it doesn’t feel chaotic. It’s quiet and peaceful, with that classic European lifestyle. It’s a nice change from the jam-packed adventures in Ireland, which were great, but hard to sustain for extended periods of time.

Tomorrow I believe we have a tour of a nearby winery.