Day 9 – Bordeaux

Posted on July 5, 2017

Women be shopping.

Today we drove to Bordeaux and spent the day walking around the city. It was another crazy hot day, so we couldn’t walk around outside for too long without taking shelter. It’s a very nice city though – feels authentically old and European, yet seems modern at the same time.

The others wanted to go shopping, so I walked down to the river to take some photos of it, and the surrounding area. They had a large rectangular area where water would spray up out of the ground, or leak out to form a very shallow pool, which kids would play in.

I didn’t get many photos today, as it was too hot to stay out, but soon after we went to lunch at the Intercontinental restaurant. It was very fancy, but enjoyable. Nice just to have some air-conditioning at least. Afterwards we walked around some more, had a quick look at the large theatre situated in the main square, and then headed back home for a mid-afternoon rest.

In the late afternoon we drove a short while to another restaurant we had booked nearby for an extravagant dinner.

As I write this now back at the house, it is almost 12am and still 30 degrees. Tomorrow is our last day here though, before we move on to Cannes. Hopefully it’ll be a little cooler there, but I’m not hopeful.