New Toys!

Posted on January 5, 2016

Christmas brings many great things – family, food, frivolity. But perhaps the most anticipated part of the day is the long-awaited opening of the presents. This is true unless you end up buying yourself some presents. Then you get to know their identities immediately and also get the added benefit of playing with them early!

So on that note, as a pre-Christmas gift to myself, I acquired a new hitty-with-sticks-sound-maker! Because it’s such a well-crafted, pristine and aesthetically pleasing piece of musical artistry, I decided to only take photos of it using my less-than-worthy phone camera. But regardless, here it is:

Also as a half-present-to-me-half-present-from-me, I got a flying toy! This one has a camera on it, which allows me to take sweet videos and photos from the sky! Again, such a highly sophisticated and delicately crafted piece of engineering begs to be photographed poorly from a phone camera for your viewing pleasure:

I swear I will only use it to fight crime.

I swear I will only use it to fight crime.

A still frame from a test video I took of my house can be seen at the top of this post (though you’ve likely already seen it). I also think it’s worth mentioning that I used a lot of hyphenated words/phrases in this post and I think I may have gone overboard with it…