Day 24 – Zagreb

Posted on July 20, 2017

My head hurts.

Short one today, as I need to sleep. Usual start, then walked towards main city center (modern part) for lunch. It was quite a distance to the restaurant we had planned. It was an American BBQ restaurant, which had amazing fried chicken, beef brisket, hot wings, curly fries etc.

From there, headed back to the apartment, stopping into a large church we saw on the way. Once back, we packed our things, cleaned up, and prepared to depart to the airport.

Arrived at the airport at 6:30pm, but our flight wasn’t until 10pm, so a lot of sitting and waiting. Got some dinner at a Mexican place there. Our flight was a little behind, so we didn’t end up leaving until 10:30pm.

We landed around 12am, caught a taxi to the hotel and now here we are finally. I’ve had a pretty bad headache for the latter part of the day, so going to sleep now. No plans yet for tomorrow, probably just explore locally.