Day 25 – London

Posted on July 24, 2014

Past the point of no return.

Today turned out to be a mega-musical day. Not only did we have tickets booked for Phantom, but there was a spontaneous decision to go see the matinee for The Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon.

We got great seats even booking so late (though couldn’t purchase the cheapest ones available). We had some lunch at home and then walked to the theatre to see the show (starting at 2:30pm). It’s always great hearing these songs live and seeing the performances. There was much laughter and gnashing of teeth.

After the show we got some dinner (chinese) and then decided to stop at a cafe which sold gelato. I was surprised to say the least. The gelato at this place was possibly the best I’ve had. Yes, even against the “worlds best” in San Gimignano. It was so fruity and creamy…

I want more of this Gelato.

I want more of this Gelato.

After that, we went to the theatre for Phantom and took our seats. To sum up my experience of the show, it was good, but had some flaws.

Firstly, the audience. They sucked. Noisy, disrepectful and apparently dying of some terrible cough for the entire show. The show itself was good, the Phantom being the standout performer with some of the supporting cast not giving as much passion as I was hoping.

Overall the show was good though, and again it’s great to hear the music played live, though a few more instruments added to the orchestra would’ve improved it.

Tomorrow is Les Miserables. One day more…


New Books!

Posted on May 18, 2013

I recently made a bulk purchase of some magic books. Some of the most highly regarded books in the magic world, and rightly so. I’ve read three so far and they’re great. Many ideas, theories and effects to study and create with.


Wasn’t easy tracking this book down…

Also, I got a free “floating bookshelf” with my purchase, so I have some extra space to float my books. Quite fitting and still pretty cool for me to look at. Simple, yet effective.

Floating Books

What? Never seen floating books before?

In addition, I’ve also been working on something big. A big project. Months of work leading to single moment which may or may not work. But it’s exciting and fun to work on.