Day 26 – Zagreb

Posted on July 22, 2017

How are you going to toast anything now?

Our plan was to visit a bunch of museums and galleries today, but turns out it’s Saturday and most of them are closed, or if they are open, it’s only for a short while. We walked to a few places and all were closed which was annoying, especially since it was extremely hot once again and such an effort to walk around.

We ended up getting a drink at a nearby cafe and using the powers of the internet to find out what we could do next. We decided to first go the National Theatre and see if there were any shows we could book for another day, but that was closed too. No matter, as it was on our way to a museum which was actually open, The Museum of Broken Relationships.

It was a bit of a walk to get there, and we needed a short rest with cold water and ice cream before we went into the exhibit. The museum itself has travelled around the world and has a bunch of different objects donated from people around the world, along with personal stories about their failed/broken relationships with partners, friends or family.

It was very interesting to read people’s stories, and read some of the messages left in a large guestbook-type-thing by other patrons. A lot of them were quite sad, but there were some funny and uplifting ones too.

After that, we had a short walk to the Rocket Burger cafe to get some dinner. Solid burger and fries, before walking back to the hotel. I wanted to go to the Observatory and check out the panoramic city view, but everyone was so hot and tired, we decided to just go back. I’ll probably try and go up there tomorrow, closer to sunset.