The Duel – The Beast

The Beast is the name I have affectionately given to this last shot, as it is the longest single shot in the film (10 seconds) – which is a lot of keyframing… especially at 60fps (why did we decide to shoot it like that…?!). It’s also a lot more time consuming, as instead of using 2D elements and moving them around to look like they’re interacting in 3D space, I’m using 3D elements and a virtual camera. This makes certain things easier, but ultimately makes it harder for me to animate and control elements (more due to my lack of experience than the elements themselves).

The good news is that it is the last shot left on the film… sort of. There’s still some finishing touches and things to fix up on other shots, but for the bulk of it, this is the final one. So that’s exciting. Although it’ll take a while to do just this shot, so don’t hold your breath. Then there’s still sound effects and music to finish.

It’s getting closer though… and oh my, I just realised, it’s been almost a year since we filmed this. We filmed it on the 18th of December, 2013. So it looks like it will take over a year just for the post-production. That’s a little depressing. But it’s also exciting because that means it’s almost Christmas! Hooray!