Day 24 – London

Posted on July 23, 2014

The heat is on in Saigon.

Today was quite eventful, though started late. We slept in and lazed about for the morning, only leaving to head out after lunch. We decided to walk to see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace as they’re all in the same area and fairly close to the Prince Edward Theatre where we were to see Miss Saigon that night.

It took a little while to get there and when we did, we didn’t stay too long. Here’s a few photos of Big Ben and the London Eye.

They’re interesting to see, but after seeing so many huge, amazing monuments, they aren’t super impressive. We also walked around St James’ Park which was nearby and quite nice. There were some cool squirrels around who seemed to expect food from bystanders.

After seeing those, we walked the short distance to Buckingham Palace. Again, it was cool to see, but nothing too amazing.

From there, we walked the fairly significant distance to the theatre and picked up our tickets, then got some dinner nearby. There was a Moroccan/Lebanese restaurant right next door, so that was handy. The food was nice (not the best, but still nice) but I would’ve liked more of it. We just shared a few meals and I was still hungry.

Mmm... meat.

Mmm… meat.

Once we had consumed our food, we went into the theatre and took our seats, eagerly anticipating the start of the show. Some waiting. Excitement building. Still waiting… and then the lights dimmed and the Overture started. I have no words.

Okay, I have some words. Here they are, in an order that will form coherent sentences. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Seeing this musical in its new production with such an amazing cast was a wonderful thing. And it seems they will be releasing a live recording of the show (not this specific performance) sometime in the near future which was great news.

Overall, one of the best nights on the trip so far. Looking forward to seeing The Phantom of the Opera tomorrow night.