Day 12 – Cannes

Posted on July 8, 2017

Oui oui, mon ami, je m’appelle Lafayette.

Another day begins, and a nice slow start this morning. Some fresh baguette, cheese, and eggs for breakfast at the apartment, before walking towards the port to take the ferry to Saint-Marguerite, a small, nearby island.

The island has a trail around the perimeter, which is about 8km long. We picked a direction and started walking, following the trail along the coast, braving the hot sun and enjoying the beaches and views. There were some nice forest trails too, cutting through the island.

After we made it back to the dock, we were in serious need of water, rest (and for me at least, food). We caught the ferry back, and stopped at the same restaurant where we had lunch yesterday, La Pizza Cresci, for a snack and a drink. We shared a pizza and drank copious amounts of water, before heading back to the apartment for a bit.

A short rest (the others did a bit of shopping), and we walked to Grill & Wines for dinner, where we had some nice fancy steaks. No photos of that, was too hungry.

Day 11 – Cannes

Posted on July 7, 2017

I see a little silhouetto of a man.

The earliest of starts today, but fortunately our hotel was right next to the airport, so we could easily shuttle over there and check in for our first flight. A bit of breakfast, then a fifty minute flight to Lyon, before transferring to another flight to Nice (thirty minute flight). From there, we had a twenty minute drive to get to our apartment in Cannes.

We seem to be very central which is great, and Cannes seems small, but jam-packed. Nice buildings and streets, lots of shops and restaurants around, the beach a short walk away. Quite a nice little city.

After we had settled in, we headed out for some lunch at an Italian restaurant, La Pizza Cresci. It is by the water, well-priced and very generous with their portions. They had some really good pizza.

As usual, it is very hot here, so we soon headed back to the apartment to cool down and rest, before the others went to do some shopping. Later in the afternoon, we headed back out to go down to the beach and catch the sunset. The streets were so quiet at this point, as all the shops had closed down. There were more people down by the water though, filling the seaside restaurants.

Here are a bunch of sunset shots – some stunning landscapes and colours this evening.