Day 23 – London

Posted on July 22, 2014

Up and to the train station this morning to travel to London. The train uses the Channel Tunnel which takes a fairly direct route from France to the UK and goes under the sea for about 40 kilometres. It felt like a pretty standard ride though.

After the usual travel nonsense, we arrived in London and to our apartment. It’s quite large, the biggest and nicest place we’ve stayed so far. First thing we did though was get some lunch (it was about 2:00pm at this point). We walked around a bit, then ended up getting Mexican (not really a fan…). Afterwards we walked a bit more and did some grocery shopping for the week.

Then it was back to the apartment to unpack some things, settle in and figure out what we’ll be doing over the next week.

Most excitingly, tomorrow night we see Miss Saigon. It is likely going to be the highlight of the trip.

We didn’t do anything too interesting today, so no photos to share, except for the puzzle I found in the apartment. I’ve had no success unlinking the string yet, but I’ll get there.