ComLink Superhero Short Film

The non-for-profit organisation ComLink recently commissioned us to create a series of videos for their organisation. One of these was the one you see above – a fun, silly short film showcasing a day in the life of a ComLink driver.

I was thrilled when they greenlit our superhero idea, and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of creative freedom we had with this thing. It was a great to be able to get some experience with fast, action stuff, as well as practice comedic editing. Not to mention the fun we had on set shooting so many crazy ideas, half of which sadly couldn’t make the cut.

But I am quite happy with the final result and proud of the work we did.

Execute – Short Film

Posted on July 31, 2016
A young (and handsome) hacker-type types on a keyboard. Events ensue.

So about a month ago, Getty/iStock launched this short film competition with pretty limiting requirements, including a 30-second time limit, a theme, and stock footage which must be included.

The deadline was tonight, and I’m lazy, so last night I made this. Exactly 30 seconds (excluding end bumper). You can see my entry here, though you’re better off watching it on Vimeo, as Getty’s site compressed it like a boa.

As you can likely tell, I had no lighting. The entire film was lit by the computer monitors and a small desk lamp which barely reached my desk. An exposure boost and some colour grading resulted in a cool looking style, but massive amounts of noise. I thought I’d be stuck with that after failing to get my Denoiser to work, but finally figured it out and managed to clean up most of it. Still some fine grain, but definitely passable.

I need to get some lights.

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