Day 4 – Tripoli

Posted on March 26, 2018

Ahlan wa sahlan!

Just a quick one today, as we didn’t do a whole lot. We checked out of our hotel in Beirut by 11am, heading out to brunch before our drive to Tripoli. We opted to eat at the same place we had dinner the other night, since we knew it was good. There was also a Juice Bar nearby, so we were able to get some specialty juice! Can confirm, was amazing.

After our food, we went on the hour or so drive to Tripoli, to the apartment we’re staying in (which is owned by one of our relatives). We settled in, then headed out for a walk around the area to get our bearings. Turns out one of the electoral candidates was visiting nearby today, so it wasn’t the best day for a stroll.

There were convoys of cars adorned with posters/signs, blaring music and beeping their horns obnoxiously. Not to mention the large amount of military driving around. But we found some nearby restaurants, a supermarket, and surprisingly a gaming lounge. Might have to check it out.

Once we had finished our stroll, we bought some supplies from the supermarket and headed back to rest before our family in Tripoli came to visit. Some of them are pictured above!

It’s nice to meet family here, though conversation can always be difficult with the language barrier. We had some nice kanafeh though, which is the main thing.