Day 22 – Prague

Posted on July 18, 2017

Han shot first.

A solo mission today, to Prague castle once more, as promised. The castle grounds are larger than I thought, so it was great to have enough time to walk around and see the different areas.

I revisited the South Garden and took some photos of the city below. It’s a great garden, which has amazing views of the city down the entire length.

I also found my way to the Royal Garden on the opposite side, which was much larger, and way less crowded. Hardly anyone was there, and it was quiet. A very calming, peaceful place.

After exploring those, I did a quick visit inside the enormous St Vita church. You had to pay to go properly go inside, but there was an area you could walk into inside which was free. Oh and this thing is huge. Like, crazy huge. Just an enormous structure. Quite a sight to behold.

At this point, the heat and constant walking was tiring me and I was hungry, so I started the long trek back to meet with the others and get some food. We ended up eating at the same Japanese place again and had another solid meal, before heading back to the apartment for the night.

Day 4 – Dublin

Posted on June 30, 2017

And if your skin was soil, how long do you think before they’d start digging?

Today was mostly spent recovering from our non-stop adventure days, and started with a sleep in, followed by a late brunch at Kilkenny’s Cafe once again. After we ate, the others insisted on doing some shopping, so I walked around the city a bit, including a stroll through St Stephen’s Green Park.

After that, I walked around the main streets in the area (Grafton St. mostly), which has a bunch of shops/restaurants and always some interesting buskers which are nice to stop and listen to.

We also tried going to the National Gallery of Ireland once more to see the Vermeer exhibition but once again the timing of the next session wasn’t favourable. So instead we just headed back to the hotel for a bit more of a rest and relaxation.

At around 5:30pm, we headed out once more to get some dinner at a great Italian restaurant, before going to see the musical we had booked, Once. The show itself was great, and felt especially authentic as we’re seeing it in Dublin itself. I didn’t actually realise at the time of booking, but it was the show’s opening night.

Also something cool the show has, is a working bar on stage, from which you can order drinks and hang out on stage before the show starts. Additionally, the cast (who are also the musicians) come out around fifteen minutes before the show starts, and play a few songs together, which then seamlessly merges into the actual start of the show.

Tomorrow will likely be a big day out, so it was good to have a slower day to rest up. It’s actually our last full day in Ireland tomorrow as well, so hopefully we can make the most of it (and the predicted good weather), before travelling to Bordeaux for the next leg of our journey.