Day 3 – Rome

Posted on July 1, 2014

Holy paintings Batman.

Today we visited the Vatican Museum. It took over an hour of lining up to get in (and that was even when we were early). It’s a huge place. Hallway after hallway, room after room we walked.

There was so much to see with every step; paintings, statues, ceilings – all intricately detailed. There were a lot of people around which made it annoying at times, most noticably in The Sistine Chapel.

Speaking of, it’s quite spectacular. There was a rule of no photos in the Chapel, so the crowd of people actually helped provide some cover for mischief. I still only managed to sneak a few no-scopes of the ceiling, and of those, only one came out well.

Here are some photos of the Museum and artworks.

Day 1 – Rome

Posted on June 30, 2014

So Rome is pretty cool.

The day started with a walk from our apartment to Vatican City where we subsequently lined up to see St Peter’s Basilica (the enormous church). After 4 hours in the merciless sun, we finally got to go in.

This is it here:

St Peter's Church

St Peter’s Church

It was pretty empty when we arrived (about 9 in the morning), but soon enough the whole area was packed. It was a Sunday, so probably busier than usual. Also got to see The Pope come out and speak a little to everyone after the sermon things were done. Was pretty cool though I didn’t understand anything he said.

After he finished though, we got to go inside and it was very grand. Here’s just a few photos from hundreds:

After that was lunch and a huge amount of walking in extreme heat back to the apartment to recoup. Which is what we are currently doing as I write this, and boy did we need it. Thought the only thing that would help would be a Sensu Bean or PokeCenter. Had to settle for water and air conditioning, but it’s working out.

We will be heading back out later this afternoon, so might be more to come.